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Issue #66

Issue #66Editor's Letter - The end of an era: Operational risk is transitioning, but what does this mean for the discipline as we know it? asks editor Carrie Cook.
Publisher's Letter - Thank you: Publisher Mike Finlay takes stock of the amazing five-and-a-half years we’ve had at The Risk Universe.
News: Analysis of the major risk-related news stories of the past few weeks, including a detailed look at the Uber scandal and Holder report recommendations.
As operational risk management comes of age; does it have a future?: RiskBusiness’ Mike Finlay ponders the evolution of operational risk: its birth, its development and its potential fate.
Regulatory Update: A look at the latest regulatory developments, including an announcement from ESMA on relocation of UK firms after Brexit.
Human factors in risk management: Manoj Kulwal from RiskSpotlight, identifies some of the most common human-related factors that can influence risk assessments.
It makes you just WannaCry: Cyber expert Graeme McGowan explains the recent worldwide ransomware incident known as WannaCry.
If you ask me - Executives and risk: what your teams won’t tell you: Annie Searle on why risk managers should provide the missing link in boards’ understanding of risk.
A tale of two compliance officers: In this extract from her latest book, Kristy Grant-Hart looks at the pivotal role played by strategic thinking in career progression.
Dear CEO: Every month, an anonymous senior executive of a financial services firm writes a letter to the CEO about concerns they have always wanted to raise.