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Issue #67

Issue #67Editor's Letter - A year we’ll never forget: Carrie Cook provides an overview of Issue #67 and introduces the new format for The Risk Universe.
Key business concerns for 2020 and beyond: As we move into a new decade, we not only carry the baggage of times past, including data privacy, cybercrime and ongoing regulatory change, we also face newer issues such as climate change, ESG and global economic uncertainty.
Office Life as We Know it: As the global pandemic appears to be coming under control, The Risk Universe takes a look at some of the issues around returning to the office.
The Operational Risks Inherent in LIBOR Transition: LIBOR is being phased out following widespread manipulation – but are the alternatives any less risky?
The Three Lines vs 3LoD. What's New?: A change in name, a move from explicit divides to principles, but do the IIA’s proposed revisions address the core criticisms of the three lines of defence model?
GDPR: The Next Challenge: The Risk Universe takes a look at some significant recent fines, as well as some of the anticipated issues around GDPR which firms will have to face.
AML: The regulatory Landscape: Following the FinCen Files report, several regulators have or are updating AML rules and requirements, raising new compliance concerns.
Banking Data and Brexit: Post-Brexit, the rules around data sharing between the EU/EEA and the UK all change, while Schrems II affects data sharing between the EU and the USA.