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Issue #58

Issue #58Editor's Letter - Round and round we go: Editor Carrie Cook discusses the perpetual cycle of misconduct and fines in the financial industry and wonders whether we will ever be able to get off the ride.
News: Analysis of the major risk-related news stories of the past few weeks, including the latest developments at Wells Fargo, more fines and litigation at RBS and a detailed look at the ongoing crisis at Deutsche Bank.
Spotlight - Blockchain and the markets: through an operational risk lens: Blockchain is the hot new topic within financial services. While adoption of the new technology is exciting, there are always risks. In this report, Helen Pykhova and Meredith Gibson find out what distributed ledger technology means for operational risk.
Regulatory Update: An update on the latest regulatory developments including the UK’s Criminal Finances Bill, an update to the FCA’s Senior Managers Regime and cyber security guidelines for the financial sector released by the G7.
How To... Create an internal control system: Internal control and risk management are vital components of sound governance, something a number of institutions are perhaps struggling to demonstrate lately. Here, RiskBusiness’ Mike Finlay presents a step-by-step guide to building and implementing an internal control system.
Sound practice guidance on conduct: a preview: The Institute of Operational Risk is preparing its long-awaited Sound Practice Guidance on Conduct. This article provides a preview of the ongoing work by its authors: Ariane Chapelle, Jimi Hinchliffe and Mark Laycock.
If you ask me: When does ‘taking full responsibility’ have consequences?: Risk expert Annie Searle shares her thoughts on recent incidents of major misconduct in the industry and asks whether financial institutions and regulators will ever get to grips with the conduct challenge.
Dear CEO: Every month, an anonymous senior executive of a financial services firm writes a letter to the CEO about concerns they have always wanted to raise.