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Issue #55

Issue #55Editor's Letter - Where to start?: The events of the past few weeks have been demonstrative of the hugely diverse challenges risk managers face every day.
News: Analysis of the major risk-related news stories of the past few weeks, including the latest from the Financial Policy Committee, industry reactions on Brexit and a regulatory fine for Santander.
Ariane Chapelle on Brexit and the Randomness of Life: Economics and operational risk expert and lecturer, Ariane Chapelle, shares her initial observations on what Brexit means for risk management and explains why it’s now down to us to decide how the result will impact our future.
If You Ask Me : Good Operational Risk Management Begins with Good Training: Getting people to understand and engage with operational risk as a discipline can be challenging. Here, industry expert Elena Pykhova shares her tips on how to deliver a memorable and effective training programme for operational risk.
Collateral Damage: The financial sector is notoriously high pressure, but is enough attention paid to the victims of this extremely stressful, profit driven world? Carrie Cook takes a look at why risk managers should prioritise mental health.
Regulatory Update: An update on what firms are saying about the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s proposals to scrap the advanced measurement approach.
How To... Identify the Firm’s most Relevant Risks: Operational risk expert and regular The Risk Universe columnist, Manoj Kulwal, shares his tried-and-tested method for identifying and prioritising a firm’s key risks.
Spotlight - The Six Degrees of Risk – Managing Business Exposure in a Digital Universe: Bronwyn Kunhardt, global MD of tech company and risk intelligence specialist Polecat, addresses supply chain risk.
Sharing Scenarios - Business Disruption from a Change in Government or Military Coup: Following the attempted coup in Turkey, we consider the potential implications.
Risk Classifications - Insider Trading: Mike Finlay explores a risk category often considered to arise more at the organisational level than the individual.
Dear CEO: Every month an anonymous chief risk officer of a financial services firm writes a letter to his CEO detailing some of the issues he has always wanted to raise.