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Issue #48

Issue #48Editor's Letter - A greener future: Editor Liz Booth reflects on the Paris climate talks and discusses why the role of financial services is so pivotal.
News: Analysis of the major risk-related news stories of the past few weeks, including an update on the Fifa scandal, the future of AMA models and Solvency II
Spotlight - The challenge of integrating disciplines: The Risk Universe’s Carrie Cook discusses how operational risk and business continuity professionals can work together to improve the firm’s overall approach to risk management.
Regulatory update: An update on recent regulatory developments in the industry, including new anti-money laundering directives from the EU and NYDFS, plus the FCA’s technology initiative.
Operational risk : A career at the sharp end: Operational risk is the most dynamic of all the careers in risk in financial services, as Nick Kochan reports.
If you ask me : Manoj Kulwal: Columnist Manoj Kulwal explains why operational risk should always be part of a firm’s decision-making process and gives helpful tips on ensuring the board listens.
How To... Reduce operational risk within risk management: Anthony Pereira explains how firms can reduce operational risk within risk management by making use of automation to improve efficiency, allowing risk managers to get on with the job they are paid to do.
Sharing Scenarios - Damage or destruction of property and facilities arising from social unrest, riots and demonstrations: This month, the scenario explores the risk that the firm is adversely affected by damage or destruction to its property as the result of social unrest, riots and demonstrations.
The benefits of a united voice: Philip Martin, from the Institute of Operational Risk (IOR), explains the benefits of becoming a member of the organisation, which is dedicated to the development of the operational risk profession.
Risk Classifications - Company violations of employee rights or privileges: RiskBusiness’ Mike Finlay takes a look at the risks associated with company violations of employee rights or privileges.
Dear Santa: Every month, an anonymous senior executive of a financial services firm writes a letter to the CEO about concerns they have always wanted to raise. This month the CRO contacts another prominent figure…