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Issue #47

Issue #47Editor's Letter - Making sure the day job is done just right: Disruptions can come in many guises, says editor Liz Booth.
News: Analysis of the major risk-related news stories of the past few weeks, including European bank job cuts, an update on TalkTalk, IT failures and more.
If You Ask Me - Ravi Gupta: Regular columnist Ravi Gupta discusses how to predict and prepare for black swan events using deductive and inductive reasoning.
Spotlight - Can today’s banks survive the next big disruption?: Economics and disruptive technology expert Michael Baxter takes a looks at how fintech companies are threatening banking as we know it.
Regulatory Update: An update on recent regulatory developments in the industry, including a new VAT ruling on Bitcoin.
Weathering The Storm : Climate Change Mitigation: As we move into a more carbon-restrictive environment, companies who don’t take climate change mitigation seriously risk missing out, writes Carrie Cook.
Sharing Scenarios - Discriminatory recruitment policies or practices: This month, the scenario explores the risk that the firm or its representatives engage in discriminatory practices within the recruitment and hiring process.
How To... Design and implement a controls framework: RiskBusiness’ Mike Finlay explains how to create an appropriate controls framework for your firm, covering governance, structure and accountabilities and how to implement it properly.
Operational Risk and Regulatory Change: We’ve heard the phrase “tsunami of regulation” used a lot to describe the supervisory landscape in recent months. But what can firms do to keep their heads above the water? Helen Pykhova and Meredith Gibson discuss.
Risk Classifications - Post capture transaction processing errors: RiskBusiness’ Mike Finlay takes a look at the risks associated with errors made by firms after transactions have been agreed.
Dear CEO: An anonymous senior risk officer at a financial services firm writes a letter to the CEO venting their frustrations.