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Issue #41

Issue #41Editor's Letter - Proactive risk management: How should risk managers remain proactive about addressing emerging risks as they remain bogged down with historical data?
News: Analysis of the major news issues of the past few weeks, covering the Solvency II framework, HFT software concerns, top risks and business disrupters as well as The Risk Universe Risk Event Timeline and Comic Strip.
If You Ask Me - Nick Leeson: The Risk Universe columnist and former rogue trader, Nick Leeson, looks at so-called “conduct risk”, sharing his views on this disputed risk form.
Spotlight - Protecting reputation: The rise of social media has totally changed the way firms are portrayed online and a careless post or tweet could go viral in minutes. Find out how to ensure your reputation remains firmly intact.
Regulatory update: A look at why regulators should pay closer attention to the behavioural sciences, plus an update from European lawmakers on payment services, new developments in foreign exchange conduct and concerns raised over banking reform.
Special Focus : Regulation of asset managers: The Risk Universe’s Billy Stevens investigates the changing world of asset management regulation in light of the enormous increase in regulatory compliance in the financial sector.
How To... Classify risks and events: RiskBusiness’ Mike Finlay takes a detailed look at how to classify specific risks and events, providing a step-by-step guide to classification.
Sharing Scenarios - Insider trading: This month’s scenario looks at the implications of insider trading by staff members who exploit confidential information obtained from within the firm.
Risk Classifications - Sexual harassment: Continuing with our regular feature on data classification issues and guidelines, Mike Finlay takes a look at the uncomfortable issue of sexual harassment.
Dear CEO: Every month an anonymous chief risk officer of a financial services firm writes a letter to his CEO detailing some of the issues he has always wanted to raise.