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Issue #27

Issue #27Editor's Letter - All change, all change...: But in reality, it is more of the same. More investigations into market manipulation, more cyber attacks, more around crypto-currencies, more around money laundering and more inadequate corporate governance.
News: Beyond Libor and forex, now it is also gold and silver; more suspensions of foreign exchange traders; investigations into fraud, money laundering and sanction breeches; cyber threats and crypto-currencies; lawsuits and regulation.
Interview - Nick Leeson: The Risk Universe interviews Nick Leeson, once of Barings Bank, on his views and thoughts on risk appetite and risk tolerances.
Spotlight - Risk culture should equate to business practice: Daiwa Capital Markets' Director and Head of Operational Risk, Alan Dunk, takes a look at embedding risk culture into the business, equating a good risk culture with sound business practice.
How To... Develop a Classification Taxonomy: In today's "big data" age, common language and standardisation in classification is ever more important. Mike Finlay sets out some guidelines and a process to help firms create their own classification taxonomy.
Top operational risks for 2014: Drawing on a survey conducted by The Risk Universe at OpRisk World 2014 and supplemented by a survey of members by ORIC Interanational, a set of 12 exposures have emerged as being of greatest concern to risk managers looking forward over the rest of 2014. Does your list agree?
Sharing Scenarios - Staff industrial action: The month's scenario looks at the potential impacts of staff industrial action. Find out the results of last month's scenario benchmarking exercise on market rate or price manipulation.
Dear CEO: Every month an anonymous chief risk officer of a financial services firm writes a letter to the CEO detailing some of the issues he has always wanted to raise.
Risk Classifications - Internal systems infrastructure or hardware failures: RiskBusiness' Mike Finlay takes a look at a specific form of IT outage caused by physical infrastructure, component or hardware failures.
Classified: Find all your job advertisements here alongside information on upcoming industry events and The Risk Universe monthly comic.