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19 July 2017 - Bupa Global employee steals details of 547,000 customers
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Where - United Kingdom
Business line - Corporate Services

547,000 of health insurance company Bupa’s customers have had their personal details compromised by a rogue employee.

The initial figure was understood to be around 108,000, but has since risen considerably to approximately 547,000 accounts.

When the breach was initially discovered, Bupa released a statement which explained that an employee of the firm’s international health insurance division, known as Bupa Global, had “inappropriately copied and removed some customer information from the company.”

The leaked information did not include financial or medical data and “relates to a portion of customers with international health insurance,” according to the statement.

“We are contacting those policy holders who are affected to apologise and advise them as we believe the information has been made available to other parties. The data includes: names, dates of birth, nationalities and some contact and administrative details including Bupa insurance membership numbers,” it said.

The statement went on to confirm that the leak was not the result of a cyber attack or external breach, but was a “deliberate act by an employee,” who has since been dismissed. The firm has said it is pursuing legal action against the individual in question.